Cédric Kozluk, born in Lyon in 1976, is deeply rooted in his passion for drawing. It was in 1991 that his fervor led him to the discovery of graffiti and its subversive allure. This pivotal moment birthed Brusk, a polymath—an artist proficient in graffiti, muralism, painting, design, and sculpture—but above all, a narrator of a world adrift, wherein he magnifies its trials and injustices through a dynamic and resonant aesthetic.

Brusk's artistic journey since 1991 has been a continuous evolution, yet his signature style is unmistakably characterized by two techniques that permeate his oeuvre: dripping and tearing, often fragmenting the reality he presents. Within these ruptures emerge delicacy and tenderness, unveiling a realm where notions of softening, reconciliation, and love, and even the hope for a brighter future, become conceivable.

Thus, an inherent ambiguity arises between vibrant and luminous forms and a backdrop of rebellion, acidity, and at times, darkness—a testament to the condemnation of modern society's dysfunctions, an internal revolt that transmutes the world's ugliness into a burst of beauty.

This juxtaposition creates a genuine pictorial oxymoron that inspires hope. However, reducing Brusk's work solely to tears and streaks would be misguided, as the artist intricately weaves a universe that is both luminous and brutal, adeptly navigating the realms of nature and culture, urging us to confront the monstrosities of our world through a compassionate lens liberated from negativity.