Originating from Valencia, Spain, Escif embarked on his artistic journey in 1996, immersing himself in the realm of graffiti. Over the years, his creative endeavors have flourished into a diverse repertoire, spanning murals, public interventions, video productions, installations, and drawings. Escif's artistic exploration transcends conventional boundaries, as he seeks to unravel the intricacies of life as an ongoing process of experimentation and knowledge acquisition.

For Escif, art serves not as an isolated entity, but as a conduit to explore a myriad of concepts, ranging from the dynamics of street life and economic systems to social movements, organic food, macro-politics, and micro-politics. His artistic lens becomes a tool to question, investigate, and engage with the multifaceted facets of the world around him.

The artist's global influence is evident in the diverse locations where his work has left an indelible mark, spanning from Dakar (Senegal), Baltimore (USA), Kerala (India), and Mexico City (Mexico) to Katowice (Poland), St. Petersburg (Russia), and Sumatra (Indonesia). Escif's creations transcend geographical boundaries, reflecting a universal relevance that resonates with audiences worldwide.

As a testament to his international impact, Escif has exhibited his work in galleries and exhibitions across the globe. His oeuvre defies easy categorization, straddling a unique border between popular and conceptual art. This distinctive positioning allows him to seamlessly navigate both street art festivals and contemporary art projects, showcasing Escif's adeptness at transcending conventional boundaries of artistic expression. Through his nuanced approach, Escif continues to contribute thought-provoking perspectives to the discourse of contemporary art on a global scale.